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Welcome to Southern Cross

Southern Cross is an Australian based guild who enjoys all aspects of the game – solo, groups, trade skilling, battlegrounds, dungeon making and, of course, raiding. Our membership is most active between 5pm to 12am Sydney time (that's about midnight to 7am PST) on weekdays and longer on weekends. We do not restrict our membership based on location, but encourage you to consider the time differences – if any – when considering membership in our guild.

Our raiding is not as serious as other guilds, although we still expect a level of commitment and respect on the raids that we run. We do not measure our success against other guilds; instead we work to enjoy the challenge of overcoming mobs that, at first, seem unbeatable. If you wish to check our progress on the Halls of Fate server, check out eq-raiders.com.

We are NOT currently raiding (2017 onwards).


Membership in Southern Cross

Speak to any of our guild members who can invite you to guild. Once invited, and if you intend to raid either as a member or associate with us, please make sure to follow instructions regarding an account for this site.

You will need to sign up for a Guild launch account at guildlaunch.com , then return here and complete our Apply to Guild App which exists to provide an idea of what you are looking for in your EQII game, and to ensure that our guild is in a position to assist with the goals you wish to achieve. As previously advised, location is not a restriction nor are your age or level of character. We do, however, expect a level of respect and consideration to the other members of our guild as well as remembering that you represent Southern Cross when playing with people outside the guild.

If applying as a member, you will be assigned a recruit status to give you a chance to try out the guild and our guild to assess how well you fit in. Please use this time to group with others and ask questions. At the end of the first month it will be decided if:

  • The Recruit is to be elevated to Member status. Welcome aboard!
  • A further two week trial is required due to low activity or lack of grouping.
  • Removal from the guild. We are not what you were looking for or vice versa.

Note that behaviour considered unacceptable will result in removal from the guild at any time.

Associate for Raiding

Associate membership allows you to keep your character in your current guild, but join us for raiding purposes. Applying to guild is the same process, with the response indicating associate membership only. Please see Associate Membership for further information. An account to access the site for raid sign up is still required so please see instructions above for this.

Pick Up Raiding

Southern Cross is a casual raid force therefore raids are not always fully manned. Pick up raids will be advertised in general guild channel when required an hour before raid time. Information about raiding time and looting rules can be found here

Playing EQII

Southern Cross members are a mixture of players who have played from a few months to 10+ years. Although a lot of knowledge is here to be shared, and most are quite happy to answer your questions, please also use the vast resources that already exist to understand more about the game or how to play your chosen character. If you get stuck, we’re here to help, but we are not a resource that should be relied upon to level up your character or teach you how to play it in the first place.

Raiding is a popular aspect of the game for many in our guild. Learn quickly and listen intently because a mistake can result in high repair bills and frustration from other players. A certain level of preparation is also required and you will need to familiarise yourself with the zones being raided as well as what is required to survive and perform to the best of your abilities. Although you may sign up for a raid, be aware you may not always be included.

Trade skilling, dungeon making and special events are other aspects of the game many of our members enjoy. If you have a particular interest in these, let us know so that people who share your interest can group with you to complete those quests which cannot be performed alone.

So, if you have got to here and are still interested, please complete the above Recruitment link or – if you have further questions - contact one of our recruiters or officers.

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