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re: Welcome to Southern Cross - General Information


As a member of Southern Cross, you should have already read the Rules:General sticky in this forum section. Once that is out of the way, there's a few more things you should know.

Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is the hub of much of our activity. As a member, you are requested to assist with the housekeeping of the hall and its amenities.

  • Guild Harvesters - next to the teleport pad into the Broker area, there is a harvest box with three harvesters on top. These NPCs need to have the harvests taken from them and get sent out again to farm a certain level of items. If they are standing still (not tapping their foot), then they are ready to unload/go harvesting, so please look out for this and make sure our harvest box remains topped up - especially if you tradeskill in the hall on a regular basis.
  • Front Door - more than just an entry point, the front door of the Guild Hall is also the place, as in housing, that we pay our rent from. If you are feeling flush with status or platinum, the door will always welcome some donations towards this cost. The Guild Hall costs are both plat and status, so a donation of either is always appreciated.
  • Call to Guild Hall - in case you missed it, the Call to Guild Hall is available from the white tree thing on the left hand side as you come in the front door. Just click on it to receive the call in your abilities.

Guild Bank

If you right click the bank rather than left, you will get the Guild Bank option. There are 4 banks in the Guild Bank with the first 2 restricted to officers/council members to withdraw. Anyone can deposit to all banks, and withdraw from banks 3 and 4. 

In the first two banks are items that are available for use by main characters or are for sale. See Guild Bank - Purchasing Information for specifics regarding buying items from these banks.


Training Area

The Training Area is in the centre of the ground level and is used to test your toon. Grab a dummy of different levels (it is put into your bag) from the chest or vendor there. Place the dummy in the arena and then let loose. Running ACT or some other parsing program allows you to then test the strength of your abilities and spells and make adjustments to test again. In this way you can test yourself whilst not in a group or raid where nasty surprises are not often appreciated.


Altar Room

If you have a Deity (look into it if you don't) then the Altar Room is where you can sacrifice items and purchase your God abilities. This saves a quick trip to your house or local place of worship. All denominations are represented.


If we have missed something that you think should be here, just let an officer know :)



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